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Appliance Recycling Program



The Appliance Recycling Program (“ARP”) offers an incentive for the removal and recycling of old energy-inefficient refrigerators and freezers resulting in lower energy consumption at the participating residences.




This program is available in all territories served by Licking Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (Licking Valley RECC).




This program is targeted to existing single-family, multi-family, and manufactured homes that currently have old energy-inefficient refrigerators or freezers.  The residential end-use cooperative member (“end-use member”) may be eligible for this incentive by offering an existing refrigerator or freezer, subject to detailed eligibility requirements, to be picked-up and recycled.  Detailed eligibility requirements are available at Licking Valley RECC and on Licking Valley RECC’s website.  General eligibility requirements are:

  • Must be a residential end-use member of Licking Valley RECC.
  • End-use member must own the appliance(s) being turned in for recycling.
  • End-use member must be eligible for the incentive-maximum 2 per metered account per calendar year
  • Appliance must be between 7.75 and 30 cubic feet.
  • Appliance must be plugged in, operational, working and cooling when collection team arrives.
  • Appliance must be empty and have a clear path for removal.
  • Appliance must be picked up from the service address on the end-use member’s billing account.




Notwithstanding the forgoing, a landlord who owns a qualifying appliance that is used by a tenant who is an end-use member of Licking Valley RECC shall also be eligible to participate in the ARP program regardless of whether said landlord is also an end-use member of Licking Valley RECC.  A landlord may be eligible for a maximum of 2 incentives per metered tenant end-user’s account per calendar year.



End–use members seeking to have a qualifying appliance picked up and recycled may enroll in the program through the following process.

  • End-use member calls a toll-free number  (1-844-HAUL-4ME or 18444285463) to schedule appliance pickup.
  • End-use member provides their account information to contractor’s Customer Service Representative (“CSR”).  Contractor will verify eligibility.
  • If and when eligibility is confirmed by the contractor, the contractor schedules a pick up date/time and assigns a work order # to that job:
    • Contractor will provide a convenient selection of appointment times for appliance pick-up:  Tuesday thru Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Early morning and evening hours can be arranged when lighting permits, particularly between the summer and fall equinox).
    • Day prior to pick-up, contractor CSR calls the end-use member to remind them of the scheduled pick-up and the unit must be working and cool.
    • Day of pick-up, driver calls end-use member approximately 30 minutes prior to arrival.
    • Person at end-use member address must be 18 or older.
    • Contractor ensures appliance is eligible – working and cool, 7.75 -30 CF.
    • End-use member signs pickup acknowledgment and driver permanently disables appliance.
    • Within four (4) weeks, contractor issues the rebate check printed with Licking Valley RECC’s logo.



The end-use member will receive a $50 incentive (rebate) per qualifying appliance from either Licking Valley RECC or its designated ARP contractor.




The program is an ongoing program.

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